Divorce - Dissolution of Marriage - Custody Mediation

Divorce - Dissolution of Marriage - Custody Mediation

Dissolution of marriage has to be one the most difficult and emotionally painful legal processes one can experience in life. This is especially true when children are involved. But, we can help.

The key reason to utilize mediation is to give you, the divorcing couple, the ability to take back control over your lives, bring closure to the divorce and move forward toward creating a new life.

We provide an initial free One-hour consultation. During this meeting you will both have the opportunity to sit with JUDGE COHEN and he will explain the mediation process and outline precisely what will be expected from each of you in working toward the goal of a forming a settlement agreement.

The first step in the mediation process is to create a temporary co-parenting agreement. The next priority item is to create a workable spousal and child support agreement. Once these priority issues have been given attention, division of assets can be discussed.

The final goal will be the creation of the "Marital Settlement Agreement" sometimes called a "Memorandum or Stipulated Agreement." Once completed, this document will be given to each party for review with their respective attorney. It will specifically outline the final co-parenting agreement, spousal support, child support and an equitable division of property (assets).

If you have any questions, whatever they might be, please don't hesitate to call our office at (310) 315-5404.

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