Insurance Related Matters Mediation and Arbitration

California Insurance Mediation and Arbitration

Insurance related disputes are everyday occurrences in health care, in auto accident cases, in construction defect cases and in other situations such as when homes are damaged by fire, flood or earthquake. Insurers, insureds and creditors of insureds regularly rely on the experience and dedication of mediators to resolve insurance disputes efficiently and cost-effectively.

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Mediation is a particularly effective way of resolving disputes out of court with a clear focus on fairness. I am an attorney mediator with an MBA who understands the importance of preventing escalation of a legal dispute when the costs may outstrip any benefit of litigation. For this reason we at Cohen & Associates call ourselves "litigation busters." We help many clients resolve insurance related disputes in creative, practical, mutually beneficial ways.

In the area of Insurance and Bad Faith Claims, I handle cases related to duties, due care and coverage issues with regard to earthquake damage, mold damage, floods, electrical & mechanical malfunction, and physical hazards to buildings and appurtenant structures.

Bring insurance bad faith claims to our attention before they go to court. Steps that you can expect in an insurance dispute resolution mediation context include the following:

Steps and procedures that you can expect in mediation include the following:

  • Opposing sides will focus on what each is willing to do to end the dispute and move forward.
  • Opponents will agree to communicate openly and honestly with counsel and each other.
  • Each side may meet individually and confidentially with the mediator in "caucuses," protected under the California Evidence Code.
  • Both sides can rightfully anticipate reaching a neutral, creative solution ― a viable alternative to litigation.

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