Seller Disclosure Mediation and Arbitration

California Mediation and Arbitration Handling Seller Disclosure Disputes

A seller of real estate has a duty to disclose known material facts that may affect the desirability or habitability of a home or commercial property. When a dispute arises after the sale with regard to defects that the buyer discovers or issues arise with the Transfer Disclosure Statement, litigation is an often unfortunate result. Taking this type of dispute to court may make the parties feel vindicated while at the same time depleting valuable financial resources on both sides.

Seller disclosure disputes may arise during the financing phase of a buy-sell transaction, as well, when a buyer must address buyer contingency clauses and lender requirements.

Choose Alternative Dispute Resolution Over Litigation

Contact Judge Cohen, attorney-mediator and arbitrator of Cohen & Associates in Santa Monica. I seek justice for my clients through alternative dispute resolution in cases of alleged misrepresentation or non-disclosure by sellers in real estate buyer-seller transactions.

Cohen & Associates focuses primarily on resolving real estate and construction-related disputes, employment and workplace disputes, divorce and probate matters through methods including mediation and arbitration. We are prepared to serve as facilitative or evaluative "advising" mediators as well as serving as arbitrators in other cases.

I welcome inquiries from buyers, sellers, brokers and real estate agents in connection with seller disclosure disputes. Call or e-mail me at Cohen & Associates to schedule a consultation and learn how to resolve your dispute in a more cost-effective manner.

Mediation is often the preferred means by which to resolve disputes related to seller disclosure issues. I am prepared to adapt my style to the needs and wishes of clients and their counsel, as follows:

  • Facilitative style: As the mediator, I will not insert my own opinion into the seller disclosure dispute but rather, help opponents to arrive a mutually beneficial outcome. I will work to ensure that the resulting solution is based on clients' own issues, properly considered, weighed and balanced.
  • Evaluative style: With this approach, I give advisory opinions to help the parties come to an agreement in a seller disclosure dispute.
  • Combination: When parties are represented by counsel, a hybrid facilitative/evaluative style may be preferred.
  • Arbitration: With an arbitration, a final resolution will be arrived at after each side presents its case in a full and fair hearing.

Call or e-mail the law offices of Cohen & Associates to schedule a consultation with an attorney-mediator and arbitrator with experience in seller disclosure dispute resolution.